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"I love style and elegance. I love to look at someone who dresses to fit who they are.
But so many times when we admire someone and we try to do what they are doing, well, it doesn't quite work. 
Even if you have not found yourself  YET, the essence of being elegant and stylish IS still there. Each woman merely needs to discover her own unique expression..."
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Taste 2 savour

"I love the food traditions of my people- the Afrikaners.
I have always loved being busy in the kitchen, and I am so blessed to have a grandmother that also loves preparing food.
She has taught me how to knead and work with real dough, she also taught me how to make Jams & Preserves.
These are arts that are slowly suffocating in today's fast paced world.
But I do not think that these arts should be left to die out..."
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