"With Dignity she walks upright. With Complex Perfection she walks by. With Elegance she creates Style. With Poise she is Grace. With her Presence there is Awareness. With Analysis everything fits together. Without boasting , she is Honoured…" 

...Who am I...

"We are all multi-faceted, but so many times we limit ourselves to being only a small part of what we were made to be.
I do not want to live in a small constricted world.
I want to live big!
And I want to be free!
As someone put so well:
"Sometimes freedom doesn't mean coming and going as we please, sometimes freedom is just being able to do what we love!"


“He is the King of Noble Royalty  with Undeniable Beauty and  Untold Knowledge; He is  Everlasting Completeness  with Never Ending Compassion.” 

©2017 Adelene Bester


"Will it strike you the first time, and then not go on, or grow with you slowly, like the beat of a drum. Will it sparkle and shimmer, or quite unawares, strike you so tender, you break down in tears..."
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